Thursday, May 17, 2012

Give Your Idea Mass!

"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity."

~Albert Schweitzer

The Devil Bear Journal attempts to spread the word that the Wolverine needs protection, as does his habitat. 

My situation means you won't see me in the field but I do have a computer and Google blogs to help tell the wolverine story.  People becoming aware of his plight in every possible manner is the goal.  Blogs can highlight the work of environmentalists and zoologists and other specialists working in the field.  

Sahsa Dichter's words are quoted to give encouragement to people working to save the planet and its inhabitants.  Rememberthe commercial to end littering," Every Litter bit hurts"?  Well, every effort helps.

Your idea | Sasha Dichter's Blog

Your idea

At the start it’s just smoke, a wisp. It has no substance or form.

You can take it around to people for help shaping it, so you can better understand what it could be.

But the thing is, at the start it has no mass, and until it does it’s impossible for people to really do much of anything about it.  They can talk and you can talk, and that’s about it.

Mass gives it the ability to go places.  Mass means that with a push it can break through things.

Talk is fine, but the real work is giving your idea some mass.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Albert Schweitzer: Compassion and Reverence for Life


"If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars."
- R. Tagore 

Build a better life according to your ideal Vision.
Do not wait for perfect timing, get started now.
What you do today, is all that matters.
Do your best with what you have and start from where you are.

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working." - Picasso

There is power in action so make plans and execute them.

Circumstance is a result of your past and does not indicate where you are heading.

The greatest journey begins with the first step and so does your building of a new business or whatever you are setting out to create.

We all need to start where we are and in the moment, find the strength to overcome obstacles we encounter, persevere and endure until we achieve a few goals and gain momentum in a positive direction.

Live according to your Vision of the well-lived life.

"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity."
~Albert Schweitzer

Reverence for Life:

Lost in thought I sat on deck of the barge, struggling to find the elementary and universal concept of the ethical that I had not discovered in any philosophy. I covered sheet after sheet with disconnected sentences merely to concentrate on the problem. Two days passed. Late on the third day, at the very moment when, at sunset, we were making our way through a herd of hippopotamuses, there flashed upon my mind, unforeseen and unsought, the phrase : “Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben” (“reverence for life”). The iron door had yielded. The path in the thicket had become visible.”

— Albert Schweitzer

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Earth Drum - Spirit Vision - David and Steve Gordon - YouTube

From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon - imagery of the ocean and cliffs of the Pacific Coast and fall in the great forests of New England - Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. Video filmed, produced and edited by:

For more information, visit:

Spirit Vision

The vision unfolds... Golden leaves drift silently to the ground and many rivers flow to the sea. The cycle of life constantly renews. There is no loss, only a stream of constant change. The Shaman sees the interdependence of all beings on the great wheel of life. Filled with deep peace and compassion, he smiles with inner joy.

Studio notes: This song uses a trance-inducing 12/8-4/4 polyrhythm played on African drums with an E Minor Native-American flute to take us on a journey to a sacred place of visions. Halfway through the song, the music changes to a major key and to acoustic guitar and Incan pan pipes. This conveys the joyful vision and affirmation of life. The images of autumn remind us of the cycle of the seasons and the annual rebirth of the sun.

Thank you for watching.

May all peoples of the Earth walk in Peace.

For the love of the wolf - YouTube

For the love of the wolf - YouTube

"In the end we will conserve only what we love and respect.
We will love and respect only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught
or allowed to experience."

-- Baba Dioum - Senegalese Conservationist.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Passamaquoddy Legend

Of old times it came to pass that Master Lox, the Wolverine, or Indian Devil, he who was slain many times and as often rose from the dead, found himself deeply down in luck; for he was crossing a wide and dismal heath in winter-time, being but poorly provided in any way for travel. The wind blew like knives; the snow fell; sleet, frost, hail, and rain seemed to come all together in bad company, and still Lox was not happy, although he had no blanket or fur coat beyond his own. Yet this evil-minded jolly companion with every vice had one virtue, and that was that of all the beasts of the forest or devils in P'lamkik' he was the hardest hearted, toughest, and most unconquerable, being ever the first to fight and the last to give in, which even then he did not, never having done it and never intending to; whence it happened that he was greatly admired and made much of by all the blackguardly beasts of the backwoods,--wherein they differed but little from many among men. Now as of all rowdies and rascals the wolves are the worst, we may well believe that it was with great joy Lox heard, as the darkness was coming on, a long, sad howl, far away, betokening the coming of a pack of these pleasant people; to which he raised his own voice in the wolf tongue, for he was learned in many languages, and soon was surrounded by some fifteen or sixteen lupine land-loafers, who danced, rolling over, barking and biting one another, all for very joy at meeting with him. And the elder, he who was captain, or the sogmo, said, "Peradventure thou wilt encamp with us this night, for it is ill for a gentleman to be alone, where he might encounter vulgar fellows." And Lox thanked him as if he were doing him a favor, and accepted the best of their dried meat, and took the highest place by their fire, and smoked the chief's choicest tomawe out of his best pipe, and all that with such vast condescension that the wolves grinned with delight. And when they laid them down to sleep he that was the eldest, or the sogmo, bade the younger cover their guest Lox over very carefully. Now the tail of the wolf has broad-spreading, shaggy hair, and Lox, being sleepy, really thought it was a fur blanket that they spread, and though the night was cold enough to crack the rocks he threw the covering off; twice he did this, and the chief who looked after him, with all the rest, admired him greatly because he cared so little for the cold or for their care. And having eaten after they arose, when in the morning they would wend away, the Wolf Chief said unto Lox, "Uncle, thou hast yet three days' hard travel before thee in a land where there is neither home, house, nor hearth, and it will be ill camping without a fire. Now I have a most approved and excellent charm, or spell, by which I can give thee three fires, but no more; yet will they suffice, one for each night, until thou gettest to thy journey's end. And this is the manner thereof: that thou shalt take unto thee dry wood, even such as men commonly burn, and thou shalt put them together, even as boys build little wigwams for sport, and then thou shalt jump over it. And truly, uncle, this is an approved and excellent charm of ripe antiquity, kept as a solemn secret among the wolves, and thou art the first not of our holy nation to whom it hath been given." So they parted. Now Lox trudged on, and as he went westwards kept thinking of this great secret of the pious and peculiar people, and wondering if it were even as the Wolf said, or only a deceit; for however kindly he was treated by people, he always suspected that they mocked him to scorn, or were preparing to do so; for as he ever did this thing himself to every condition of mankind or beasts, he constantly awaited to have it done to him. And being curious withal, and anxious to see some new thing, he had not walked half an hour ere he said, "Tush! let me try it. Yea, and I will!" So building up the sticks, he jumped over them, and at once they caught fire and blazed up, and it came to pass even as the Wolf had prophesied. Now having solaced himself by the heat, Lox went on. And anon it grew cold again, and he began to think how pleasant it was to be warm; and being, like most evil people, wanting in a corner of wisdom, he at once put the sticks together again and jumped over them, and as before there rose a blaze, and he was happy. And this was the second fire, and he had still three cold nights before him before he could reach his home. And yet this Wolverine, who was so wise in all wickedness and witty in evil-doing, had not walked into the afternoon before he began to think of the third fire. "Truly," he said to himself, "who knows but the weather may take a turn to a thaw, and give us a warm night? Hum! ha! methinks by the look of the clouds the wind will soon be southwesterly. Have I not heard my grandmother say that such a color, even the red, meant something? I forget what, but it might be a warm change. Luck be on me, I will risk the odds." And, saying this, he set up the sticks again; and this was the last fire, though it was not even the first night. And when he came after dark to the first camping place it grew cold in earnest. Howbeit Lox, thinking that what was good for once must be good forever, made him his little pile of sticks and jumped over them. It was of no avail. Finally, when he had jumped twenty or thirty times more, there arose a little smoke, and, having his heart cheered by this, he kept on jumping. Now it is said that there can be no smoke without fire, but this time it went not beyond smoke. Then Lox jumped again, and this time the Indian Devil came up within him, and he swore by it that he would jump till it blazed or burst. So he kept on, and yet there came no comfort, not even a spark; and being at last aweary he fell down in a swoon, and so froze to death. And so the Devil was dead, and that was the last of him for that turn; but I think he got over it, for he has been seen many a time since. In two stories Lox (once as the loup cervier) is intimate with the wolves. Loki was the father of the wolves. Loki is fire; here Lox dies for want of fire. Since I wrote the foregoing, Mrs. W. Wallace Brown has learned that Lox is definitely the king or chief of the wolves, and that many Indians deny that he is really an animal at all, though he assumes the forms of certain animals. He is a spirit, and the Mischief Maker. It will be admitted that this brings the Lox much nearer to Loki. It is said that when Glooskap left the world, as he took away with him the kings of all the animals, Lox went with him as king of the Wolves. This is an identification of him with Malsum, the Wolf, himself.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Book

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Preview a new book that goes inside the fascinating history of the elusive creature known as the Wolverine and the threats that face them today. Written by Wildlife Biologist and and Vice Chair of Vital Ground, Douglas H. Chadwick; published by Patagonia Books. Video by
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What Fun!

Animal Planet "Wolverine"

The Wolverine Foundation

Welcome to the Wolverine Foundation

The Wolverine Foundation, Inc. (TWF) was formed in 1996 to promote interest in the wolverine’s status and ecological role in the world wildlife community. It is an international non-profit foundation comprised of leading wildlife scientists knowledgeable in the life history, ecology, and management of one of the least understood and most fascinating creatures on earth. TWF recognizes the need for a coordinated science-based effort to elevate the wolverine’s management status through support and initiation of research, and to develop an information network for professional and public education.

The Need to Move (Wolverine Foundation) from Conservation Media on Vimeo.