Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Book

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Preview a new book that goes inside the fascinating history of the elusive creature known as the Wolverine and the threats that face them today. Written by Wildlife Biologist and and Vice Chair of Vital Ground, Douglas H. Chadwick; published by Patagonia Books. Video by
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What Fun!

Animal Planet "Wolverine"

The Wolverine Foundation

Welcome to the Wolverine Foundation

The Wolverine Foundation, Inc. (TWF) was formed in 1996 to promote interest in the wolverine’s status and ecological role in the world wildlife community. It is an international non-profit foundation comprised of leading wildlife scientists knowledgeable in the life history, ecology, and management of one of the least understood and most fascinating creatures on earth. TWF recognizes the need for a coordinated science-based effort to elevate the wolverine’s management status through support and initiation of research, and to develop an information network for professional and public education.

The Need to Move (Wolverine Foundation) from Conservation Media on Vimeo.